Author: Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N., C.N.S.

Woman Feeding Dog Ageless Paws Treat

Human Food for Dogs: What’s Safe and What’s Not?

It’s a classic scenario… the family sits down to eat a meal, and you look down to see Fido begging for some scraps. In this blog, we explore foods you should NEVER give dogs, what’s OK in moderation, and what’s fine for you to slip underneath the table.

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Young girl giving a big smooch her pet dog

10 Great Reasons to Give Your Dog Probiotics

Supporting your dog’s stomach is important- as important as supporting anywhere else on your dog’s body. That’s why I support giving your dog probiotics to support your dog’s digestive and immune system. Here are the 10 great reasons why I think dog probiotics are key in keeping your pet happy and healthy.

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Chewie as a Puppie

5 Ways to Support Your Dog’s Joint Health

I’ve owned many dogs in my life, but one of my favorites was a chow chow named Chewie. She and I were attached at the hip. We traveled everywhere together—including my office, where she never failed to bring smiles to my patients’ and staff’s faces, or to raise my spirit during long days. It broke […]

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Paraffin Candles Can Be Toxic to Pets

Candles can be a very homey sort of thing to burn in your house, and can make your home smell wonderful. But before you light one up, you should know that between the hot wax and the toxic fumes, pets and candles don’t go well together. Here are some of the dangers of mixing pets with paraffin candles, and some of the alternatives you can burn instead.

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Sleepy Looking cat

Natural Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems

Cats are known for their strong personality traits, and many people who own cats know they vary between loving purr machines to being full of “cattitude”. However, sometimes cats go to far with the ‘tude. However, sometimes cats go too far with the ‘tude. This blog post will show you how to understand your cat’s behavior, and what to do when your cat is being a problem child.

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