TOPPER+ Probiotic for Cats and Dogs

Topper+ Probiotic Meal Topper Is Cat Food Dry Product of the Year!

“Today’s world of pet nutritional supplements can be overwhelming. Walk into any pet store, and you’ll find a handful of products that look like they may work, but their quality and efficacy isn’t always clear. Ageless Paws brings the purest and most health-supporting pet products on the market to the homes of animal-lovers providing maximum nutrition for pets. Congratulations on being our choice for ‘Cat Food Dry Product of the Year.’”

-Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, Independent Innovation

Two Savory, Single-Source Proteins Boosted with a Powerful Probiotic

Designed to enhance cats’ and dogs’ food with tantalizing flavors and nutritious, freeze-dried raw animal proteins, our mouthwatering line now includes TOPPER+  Functional Meal Topper with a Probiotic to support optimum pet health and well being.

Proven Viability and Health Benefits

Each bottle of TOPPER+ contains at least 67 billion CFUs of BC30™ probiotic.

With over 1 billion CFUs of dried bacillus coagulans per serving, Ageless Paws TOPPER+ provides powerful probiotic support from top to tail. 

Ageless Paws Topper+ line of functional food toppers with probiotics for dogs and cats supports pets' gut health

Research shows BC30™ can help support:

  • Digestive health and function
  • Immune system health
  • Protein utilization

BC30’s naturally-protective outer layer allows it to survive most processing conditions, including extremes of cold, pressure, pH and heat. With TOPPER+, there’s no additional processing – the probiotic is simply blended with an already freeze-dried single-source protein.

A Solution-Driven Nutritional Approach

Forget pills, tablets or other inconvenient delivery methods…TOPPER+ addresses the challenge of dosing picky eaters by seamlessly blending the probiotic into an all-natural, single-source protein that dogs and cats instinctively crave: salmon or chicken.

Even picky eaters will gobble up their food and probiotic when they’re adorned with a spoonful of all-natural, high-quality chicken breast or salmon (fillet and skin)!

TOPPER+ Probiotic Features & Benefits

  • 2 Savory, All-Natural Flavors: Chicken Breast and Salmon (fillet and skin)
  • Each 2.0 oz Topper+ bottle contains just 2 clean ingredients
  • Single animal protein source per topper made 100% from premium-quality chicken or salmon to support lean muscles – ideal for pets with protein sensitivities
  • Over 67 billion CFUs of GanedenBC30® probiotic per container to promote digestive health, immune health and protein utilization
  • Zero by-products, fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • No added sugars or salts; 100% grain-free and gluten-free
  • 2021 Pet Innovation Award Winner of Cat Food Dry Product of the Year 

Two Mouthwatering Flavors


From the Atlantic ocean, fresh salmon fillets are freeze-dried while raw under the strictest of safety standards to preserve freshness, flavor and nutritional integrity.

Naturally high in protein and with omega-3 fats, the salmon fillets and skin are then ground into a fine powder and blended with the BC30™ probiotic.

The result is a flavorful and nutritious meal enhancer with powerful digestive and immune health support. Cats and dogs alike love it’s authentic salmon goodness!


Nothing but chicken breast from USA-raised chicken makes up the base of this food topper for dogs and cats. 

The chicken breast is freeze-dried while raw for optimal nutrition, flavor and freshness, then blended into a fine powder and mixed with a probiotic. 

Spoon over pets’ food and watch them go to town!

Nothing But the Good Stuff

Another reason pet parents can feel confident in their Topper+ purchases is what’s not in them: unnecessary ingredients. 

Free of flours, added sugars, fractionated ingredients and binding agents, Our TOPPER+ line provides pets only high-quality animal proteins bolstered with a powerful probiotic – and nothing else!

Nurturing Pets' Microbiomes

Like humans, dogs and cats have a vast collection of microorganisms that reside on and in their bodies, most of which are in the gut. All of these microbes play a role in the health of dogs and cats. In fact, researchers now consider the microbiome a “metabolically active organ inextricably linked to pet health.”

Why Customers Love Ageless Paws Food Toppers

Ageless Paws Healthy Pet Products

Founded by Cardiologist and Certified Nutrition Specialist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Ageless Paws is a trusted source of health-supporting treats, food toppers and supplements for pet parents across the United States. 

In addition to our TOPPER+ line of functional food toppers, we offer single-ingredient treats and food toppers for dogs and cats, as well as Liquid Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Drops for pets, a powerful supplement for heart health support. 

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