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What Pet Parents Are Saying About Ageless Paws Treats

dogs enjoying Ageless Paws freeze dried treats

At Ageless Paws, we offer four different kinds of all-natural freeze-dried treats for dogs and two kinds for cats. Each of our freeze dried pet treats is grain-free and made in the USA with just one ingredient: wild-caught salmon, bison liver, chicken breast or turkey heart…No fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors.

We sent our friend, Beth Bell, samples of each of our treats for her furry friend, Lily (as part of a care package with Vervana foods for her) – here’s a Thank You video she made showing how Lily liked all of the treats (see which one is her favorite)!

Here’s what more happy pet parents all over the country have told us*:

Chicken Breast Treats for Dogs and Cats:

Ageless Paws freeze dried chicken treats for cats and dogs“Wow! My cat practically inhaled these treats! There was not even a tiny crumb left as she licked the floor where the treat was thoroughly.”  – Chrissy 

I have to admit I was skeptical about a product that both cats and dogs would equally enjoy. After trying the sample I can honestly say that both our Labrador and domestic shorthair are obsessed.” – Allison 

My kitties love your Ageless Paws treats and I love the fact that they are so nutritional. Thank you for helping me care for my kitties! Everyone should get some because your animals will thank you.” – Deborah 

“Wow…My adorable cat heard me rip the top off, not even opened the seal yet and he is already purring up a storm…  I gave him one and he loved it, instantly drooling and giving me more kisses. So I gave him a couple more, he is still purring and happy.” – Online reviewer

“My old girl is picky about everything, so I got a sample in the mail for her try before I buy. She loved it!!! I’m actually shocked. Thank you.” – Ashley

“Easy smart treat – my Yorkie Whiskey loves them as a topper and for training 🙂” – Christine

Wild Salmon Treats for Cats and Dogs :

Ageless Paws healthy salmon freeze dried treats for cats - back label

I have two sibling cats, 15 yrs. old, both ill. Very finicky most of the time about their food. I got a free sample of the salmon and O’ my goodness! They two would eat the whole bag if they could. They get one each in am/pm, with the junk treats they have been getting. Now they only want the salmon bites!!” – Online reviewer

I wanted to give [my cat] healthy treats instead of the usual 2 or 3 brands he gets & likes at bedtime. I sent for a sample of these and he kept looking around on the floor to see if there were more and crying for some!” – Nancy S. 

“I received a free sample of the salmon bites. My cats LOVED these treats. I guess I am going to have to place an order for them because they actually tried to open the package after I closed it. Thank you for the sample, and for such a good product!” Debbie H.


Back label of Ageless Paws wild salmon healthy freeze dried healthy dog treatsOur Treeing Walker Coonhound can’t get enough! He loves them and could eat the pack so I put a few in a toy that makes you work for the treat! He is having fun trying to get them.” – Online reviewer

I love the salmon bites! Thank you for the opportunity to try your cat treats. Meowwwwww! Kit Kat!”  – Rita M.

My cat absolutely loves the treats, thanks so much!.” – Amy D.

“My dog loves them!” – Online reviewer 

Bison Liver Treats for Dogs:Ageless Paws healthy freeze dried bison liver dog treats

“My three fur kids thoroughly enjoyed these treats and were begging for the package after it was empty!” – Susan B. 

“I have a very fussy eater and he loves them.” – Online reviewer 

“My husky and Bichon both loved the treats.”  – Jody P. 

“Received the sample this afternoon and am ordering more treats now. Loki went crazy for them. He was so impressed by the scent and he sat and stared at the package for quite some time. Once he was able to taste one he was totally hooked. Makes me feel good to feed him something he really enjoys and is good for him. Thank you.” Melody C.

Turkey Liver Treats for Dogs:

AA bag of Ageless Paws Turkey Heart freeze dried healthy dog treats


Both my small dogs absolutely love the turkey treats! I love that they are simply one ingredient!! Good job Ageless Paws!” – Joe R. 

“Our 12 year old hound LOVES the turkey heart slices!”  – Stacey F. 

– “I have three dogs. Finding a treat they will all eat is hard…. All three LOVE these treats. Thank you!” – Paula

-“We found Ageless Paws at the Hartford Pet Expo and got a free sample of their turkey hearts. Giving one piece to our dog, she gobbled it up as fast as she could. We bought a full size bag on the spot. The heart slices are roughly the size of a half dollar or smaller and can be easily broken into smaller pieces. The people working at the booth were super friendly and knowledgeable. 100% will be buying only these treats for the rest of our dog’s life.” – Emily

*All the above pet parents shared their reviews after receiving a free sample of Ageless Paws freeze dried treats. 

We’re happy our freeze dried treats have been a hit, and have loved hearing all these stories about happy pets enjoying our healthy treats!

If you’ve been looking for pet treats that are pure, clean, nutritious, and delicious, try Ageless Paws freeze dried treats – healthy never tasted so good!



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