What Pet Parents Say About Ageless Paws

No doubt, Ageless Paws freeze-dried pet treats and supplements are among the healthiest out there, but do they taste good?

In this Unboxing video above, our friend, Beth Bell,* shows her dog, Lily, trying our treats for the first time…


The Ageless Paws Difference:

Ageless Paws freeze dried pet treats are made in the USA with just one ingredient each: 100% wild-caught salmon, bison liver, chicken breast or turkey heart…No fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors. We’re happy they’ve been a hit!

If you’ve been looking for pet treats that are pure, clean, nutritious, and delicious, try Ageless Paws freeze dried treats – healthy never tasted so good!

But don’t just take our word for it:

Here's what other people have to say about Ageless Paws:

“Wow! My cat practically inhaled these treats! There was not even a tiny crumb left as she licked the floor where the treat was thoroughly.”  – Chrissy*

“Silly little Inabella doesn’t want to eat food anymore. She only wants to eat Ageless Paws chicken treats. When I wake up in the morning Chubbs meows til I feed him and as soon as Inabella hears me feeding Chubbs she makes a B-line for the treat counter and stares at me until she gets her treat. Pretty much every time I go into the kitchen she runs from another room and jumps to the treat counter for a treat.” – Jen L.

“I have to admit I was skeptical about a product that both cats and dogs would equally enjoy. After trying the sample I can honestly say that both our Labrador and domestic shorthair are obsessed.” – Allison*

“My kitties love your Ageless Paws treats and I love the fact that they are so nutritional. Thank you for helping me care for my kitties! Everyone should get some because your animals will thank you.” – Deborah*

Black cat licks lips after eating Ageless Paws freeze dried 100% salmon and 100% chicken breast treats for cats and dogs with sample size bag of salmon treats and full size bag of chicken treats“Wow…My adorable cat heard me rip the top off, not even opened the seal yet and he is already purring up a storm…  I gave him one and he loved it, instantly drooling and giving me more kisses. So I gave him a couple more, he is still purring and happy.” – Online Reviewer*

“My old girl is picky about everything, so I got a sample in the mail for her try before I buy. She loved it!!! I’m actually shocked. Thank you.” – Ashley*

“Easy smart treat – my Yorkie Whiskey loves them as a topper and for training 🙂” – Christine*cats love Ageless Paws 100% Chicken Breast freeze dried treats for cats and dogs

“My little Shiz Tzu loves the chicken breast & turkey hearts.” – Sharon S

“Our puppy LOVES these. Its a great treat that is good for her.” – Sharon

“Interchangeable between cats and dogs. Great idea!” – Lisa M.

“We absolutely loved these treats! My dog, Eden, went crazy for them. We appreciate that they are single ingredient because we trust she is getting a high quality snack. I highly recommend them! I will definitely be purchasing more.” – Molly K.

“My puppy loves these. We actually went on auto ship so we don’t run out.” – Sharon

Small dog with a bag of Ageless Paws freeze dried treats in their mouth“These treats are great, my dogs love them. I use them as training treats and I have my pups full attention with these. I love that they are real chicken and they don’t make my hands stinky. We can’t wait to try some other flavors too!” – Gina O.

“As soon as the box arrived in the mail, my Bulldog Jagger, went crazy sniffing the box! I couldn’t open it fast enough! I love that these treats have no fillers, are grain free and only a single ingredient. Jagger loves the taste! I will be ordering more and we are going to try all the other flavors!” – Lisa

“These treats are perfect for our dog, she loves them! This is perfect for learning new tricks, and my new puppy loves them too, as well as our kitten. Will be ordering more since all 3 of them love it so much.” – Jennisa

“My dog loves these treats! Whenever he hears the bag crinkle he comes running!” – Marissa L.

“I have two sibling cats, 15 yrs. old, both ill. Very finicky most of the time about their food. I got a free sample of the salmon and O’ my goodness! They two would eat the whole bag if they could. They get one each in am/pm, with the junk treats they have been getting. Now they only want the salmon bites!!” – Online reviewer*

“I wanted to give [my cat] healthy treats instead of the usual 2 or 3 brands he gets & likes at bedtime. I sent for a sample of these and he kept looking around on the floor to see if there were more and crying for some!” – Nancy S.*

“I received a free sample of the salmon bites. My cats LOVED these treats. I guess I am going to have to place an order for them because they actually tried to open the package after I closed it. Thank you for the sample, and for such a good product!” – Debbie H.*

Ageless Paws 100% salmon freeze dried healthy dog and cat treats bag front view on a white background with Product on side“Our Treeing Walker Coonhound can’t get enough! He loves them and could eat the pack so I put a few in a toy that makes you work for the treat! He is having fun trying to get them.” – Online Reviewer*

“I love the salmon bites! Thank you for the opportunity to try your cat treats. Meowwwwww! Kit Kat!” – Rita M.*

“My cat absolutely loves the treats, thanks so much!.” – Amy D.*

“My dog loves them!” – Online reviewer*

“Prince Logan devoured these salmon bites. He’s a picky eater, so for him to live them so much, is a great thing!!! They don’t have that cheap cat food smell! Easy to serve.” – Karen K.

“This is my 2nd bag, my cats LOVE these !!!” – Amanda A.

“My cat isn’t finicky, he doesn’t get table food, only dry cat food, but I wanted to give him healthy treats instead of the usual 2 or 3 brands he gets & likes at bedtime. I sent for a sample of these and he kept looking around on the floor to see if there were more and crying for some! I’m ordering him a bag and will try to wean him off the others.” – Nancy S.cat eating Ageless Paws 100% salmon freeze dried treat for cats and dogs

“I have a senior cat that won’t eat fish or chicken I make, or eat more than a bite or two of wet food. She’s super picky and for the most part eats nothing but dry food, and some dry treats. To my surprise, she likes these treats!! We got a free sample and tried them out and she enjoys 3 or 4 pieces at a time, even licked the little bit of powder I poured from the bottom of the bag off my hand. Thanks, I’ll be ordering more!” – Kelly

“I just received a free sample of the salmon bites and my dog loves them!” – Tracy A.

“Love that all the Ageless Paws treats are simple one ingredient! Both my small dogs love the salmon! Good job!” – Joe

“The Ageless Paws Salmon Treats was the third type of salmon dry food I’ve tried in the last moth. I wanted my dog to eat salmon treats for health reasons, but she’s a picky (and spoiled) 6-pound Maltese. From the first taste, she loved the Ageless Paws variety, and she’s still gobbling them up whenever I offer them to her. You have successfully pleased one very difficult 4 legged customer!” and ““Princess Patty” is as pampered as her name suggests. Because I wanted her to have a seafood treat, I had experimented (unsuccessfully) with two others before I tried the Ageless Paws Salmon Bites. Talk about “love at first sight” (or more appropriately, “love at first bite”), she consumed them from the first one she was offered! She’s very happy because she loves the taste; I’m very happy because I love the healthy ingredients.” – Nancy D. B.

Pets love Ageless Paws freeze dried healthy 100% salmon treats for dogs and cats“All my dogs LOVE these salmon treats! My pickiest girl couldn’t get enough! I love that they’re single ingredient and healthy for my babies. They smell good too! Finding good salmon treats is hard and we definitely won’t be straying from Ageless Paws for all our treat needs! Thanks for making such a healthy, awesome, drool worthy product.” – @the_lucy_ricky_sadie_show

“Love these one ingredient treats! One ingredient = 100% trust in the product. Aussie will lick the inside of the bag if I don’t close it after using. We love to use these tasty treats when I’m training in public and when I’m getting my nails clipped (which I’m not a big fan of) but I will let them trim it for these yummy treats! Defiantly a product I would recommend! A treat even the most stubborn dog might do a trick to get a taste!” – @Aussie_theboardercollie

“I’m a big fan of these Salmon Bites! My favorite part is that the only ingredient is Salmon! None of those horrible chemical preservatives. My pups favorite part is the strong salmon smell. They will go through all their tricks to get a treat.” – Chuck B.

“Do you ever look at the ingredients in edible dog products? This may seem crazy, but I tend to care more about what my dogs are eating, rather than the ingredients in my own (human) food! Ageless Paws is one of those company’s that you don’t need to think twice about. Their salmon bites contain just one ingredient: wild salmon! Thanks for giving this dog-mom a safe and healthy option for her food-loving doggo. Clio approves!” – @cliothegsd

“My three fur kids thoroughly enjoyed these treats and were begging for the package after it was empty!” – Susan B.*

“I have a very fussy eater and he loves them.” – Online reviewer *

“My husky and Bichon both loved the treats.”  – Jody P.*

“Received the sample this afternoon and am ordering more treats now. Loki went crazy for them. He was so impressed by the scent and he sat and stared at the package for quite some time. Once he was able to taste one he was totally hooked. Makes me feel good to feed him something he really enjoys and is good for him. Thank you.” – Melody C.*

Small dog in a dog bed with a bag of bison liver treats nearby“My dog has to smell everything before he eats it. Well, he smelled it and would not eat it. I knew he would like it if he tried so I popped one in his mouth. Sure enough he liked it and looked for more. The next day I went to give him more & again he sniffed & wouldn’t take it. Again I popped it in his mouth & he ate it. On the 3rd day he took the treat right away. Guess he realized what it was finally. I like that there are no crumbs!” – Celeste S.

“Received the sample this afternoon and am ordering more treats now. Loki went crazy for them. He was so impressed by the scent and he sat and stared at the package for quite some time. Once he was able to taste one he was totally hooked. Makes me feel good to feed him something he really enjoys and is good for him. Thank you” – Melody in WI

dogs go nuts for Ageless paws 100% bison liver healthy dog treats and cat treats“Our lab/shepherd mix practically inhales these!” – Lisa M.

“My dog really loves these treats! He is almost 16 years old and has lost some teeth and has mouth cancer so I am very picky about his treats. He is able to easily eat these and tries to get the bag open for more! I like that they are made up of only one ingredient which is bison. They are also grain and gluten free. They don’t have a bad odor like a lot of dog treats have so I enjoy that as well. The treats are small so they are good for any size dog. I highly recommend!” – Haley

“Our dog loves the taste.” – Edward

“Rosie absolutely goes nuts after these treats! She is a sucker for liver, and these are fabulous training treats. Will definitely order again!” – Ashley

“As a former raw food feeder, we are very happy! The raw diet didn’t work for our pups the way we had hoped. These treats are the best way to satisfy our desire to somehow keep “the raw diet” mixed into our daily routine. did I mention my dogs obviously love them!” – Nicole

“Excellent pricing in comparison with similar treats. Rapid shipping time and very well packaged. The packaging is well sealed and their are very few crumbs in the bottom. Ingredients, nutritional analysis and feeding guidelines are very clear on the labeling found on the back of the resealable packaging. The main ingredient in this product is AP Bison Liver, which is naturally grain free and high in protein. The label even provides their entire treat production process, which is very important to us! The best part…our dogs all loved these treats and were wagging for more! Our impression of this product is 5 out of 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” – @bricks_and_stones_bulldogges

“We just got these and Mochi loves them! Honestly they were a great size for training her ! The package was very well sealed and it was definitely nice to see the product clearly through the packaging. I find it frustrating when you don’t know what or how much you are getting inside a bag. Highly recommend this product !” – Samantha B.

Lumberjack Dog with Ageless Paws 100% Bison Liver Dog Treats“Loved these treats! We used these are our high value reward on a recent beach trip and it worked so well. Definitely will be trying more of them for training. Can’t wait to try more flavors next. 4 paws up from us.” – Karin

“These treats deserve their 5 stars! They are certainly made with love and care. They made a great training treat out and about for me. We loved the clear package. The package of treats was full! These freeze dry treats didn’t just grumble up out of the package like a lot of companies. My dogs loved the tastes! Highly recommend them! Love these treats!” – @blazeandweekend

“My dog loves beef liver! So does bison one! I consider freeze dried treats to be more nutritious and tastier for dogs and I was happy to give my dog these treats. They are high quality and nicely packed. Would recommend to friends and family!” – Anna S.

Ageless Paws freeze dried 100% chicken breast dog and cat food topper out“My pug would only eat her food with chicken topper put on her food. Loves this topper!” – Teri

“My picky eater won’t eat her breakfast without this topper sprinkled on top. I’ve ordered another jar.” – Jill B.

“I have a fussy eating dog, and since the topper has been sprinkled on top of her food, she now eats all of her food. I rotate salmon one day and chicken in the next.” – Lori

“These products are great! My cat loves both the food toppers and the treats. Thank you Ageless Paws for making a healthy one ingredient food source!” – Cheryl

“I noticed our new puppy is more interested in his food when I sprinkle the chicken food topper in his bowl!” – Roxanne N.

Ageless Paws freeze dried 100% Salmon dog and cat food topper product showing

“Since we have been using the toppers our dogs eat every bite of their food.” – Gretchen

“I have a fussy eating dog, and since the topper has been sprinkled on top of her food, she now eats all of her food. I rotate salmon one day and chicken in the next.” – Lori

“These products are great! My cat loves both the food toppers and the treats. Thank you Ageless Paws for making a healthy one ingredient food source!” -Cheryl

Ageless Paws Liquid CoQ10 for Dogs and Cats- 30 ml bottle of liposomal ubiquinone drops“My senior kitty needs CoQ 10 to help with joint and mobility issues. She readily eats her wet food with these drops added, no problem. The quality of this product is very good too.” – Jeanine

“The product is very good. My dog has lots of energy.” – Gregory Martens

“I started giving the Ageless Paws liquid CO- Q 10 To my small 16-year-old mixed breed. In less than a month she showed an amazing difference in how she was feeling! That little old lady runs around the front yard like a little gazelle! Thank you, Dr. Sinatra, for helping to preserve our sweet little old lady!” – Carolynn R

“It has helped my 9 year old dog so much. He is like his young self again.” – Anonymous

Venus the dog taking liquid Q10 drops on his tongue-“I have an 14 year old dachshund who has been on heart meds for the past two years. I started her on the CoQ10 drops shortly after she was diagnosed and almost immediately I could tell a difference. No coughing and lots of energy. She’s still doing very very well! My vet is impressed!” – Susan H.





*Some pet parents had received a free sample of Ageless Paws freeze dried treats, upon which their review was based.

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