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Kitten Love

Jax (left) and Charley (right)

Please welcome the newest members of the Ageless Paws family…Charley and Jax! They’re about 3 months old and even cuter in person (they move so fast, it’s hard to get a good picture). We adopted them from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA in early September, just in time for my husband’s birthday. As a “bonded pair,” these brothers needed to go to the same home, and we are happy to confirm that two kittens are indeed better than one :>)

Energetic and extremely curious, Charley and Jax seize every opportunity to explore uncharted territory…whether that be a closet, inside the fridge or under a bed. Feather and string play are favorite activities, as is “pounce-ball.” They love chasing each other around our home, and also enjoy being picked up and held -a welcome surprise.

Adopting them was both a happy and sad occasion. My children were beyond excited to surprise their dad with these adorable little guys and thrilled that they could each hold a kitten. I also fell in love with these tiny sweethearts. But as we drove up to the shelter to bring them home, I was reminded of the last time we adopted a pet here a few years ago…My dad (Ageless Paws Founder Dr. Stephen Sinatra) had joined us on that occasion. He was visiting on my birthday, and helped us pick out our new pup, Poppy, and bring her home. It is a wonderful memory, and a painful reminder that I will never see him again.

Dr. Sinatra with Poppy in 2018

Ultimately, I was following his advice when adopting the kittens. As a cardiologist, he often prescribed “get a pet” to his patients who had lost a spouse to death or divorce. He knew their hearts would be healthier with a pet. The unconditional love and laughter pets bring to our lives is better than any pill when it comes to fighting loneliness and depression. Poppy also needed a furry friend (or two) after our cat, Elle, passed away last December.

Poppy in 2022

Love heals -us and those to whom we give our love…It affirms our role in the bigger picture -that what we do and say matters and that our contributions count. Loving ourselves, knowing we are loved, and opening our hearts to Divine Unconditional Love make our experience of life special. If we meet life with love, we will find love.”

My dad wrote this in his 2015 book, Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth (co-authored with Tommy Rosa). In that same book, he also wrote:

If you’re grieving the death of someone you loved, realize…that there is no disconnection spiritually. In time, you’ll be reunited with your loved one. But first you have a life to live here on Earth. And that life must be lived fully.”

Jax discovering that he can climb window screens

Lately I’ve been trying harder to follow this advice, and the kittens have made it easier to do so. In less than two weeks, they’ve already brought so much joy, laughter and love to our family. My husband also lost his father in 2019 and has his own void to fill. We humans all need love, as do cats and dogs in need of homes – what a win-win.

The loss of my dad left a gaping hole in my life…one that no person or animal companion can ever truly fill. I miss him every day, but am grateful for all the time spent with him and all he taught me. And I know I’m not alone in my grief… So many others today are struggling with recent losses of loved ones. If you are one of them, I hope that my dad’s words can also be a source of inspiration for you.

Here’s to meeting life with love…

From my heart to yours,

Marchann Sinatra Blake

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