Calming pet treats - a bottle of Ageless Paws Calming Chews for Dogs and Cats
Calming chews label
Calming chews label
Calming pet treats - a bottle of Ageless Paws Calming Chews for Dogs and Cats
Calming chews label
Calming chews label

Calming Chews for Dogs and Cats



8.46oz Bottle of 160 calming dog and cat treats

Even when pets’ lives are defined by lots of cuddling, kissing, and play, there are times when things can get a little stressful for our furry loved ones. For some cats and dogs, situations like traveling, thunderstorms, parental absence, trips to the vet or outside the home, and new guests in the home can cause increased nervousness, anxiety and stress. It’s during these times that calming pet treats can be a big help! A unique formulation that supports relaxation, Ageless Paws® Calming Chews for Dogs and Cats can help calm pets during times of increased environmental stress.

About our calming pet treats – active ingredients in each chew:

65 mg thiamine (Vitamin B1): Because their bodies cannot synthesize thiamine, dogs and cats need a consistent dietary supply of this essential B-vitamin to avoid deficiency. Yet commercial or homemade pet foods may not contain adequate amounts of thiamine. Dogs and cats (as well as humans) need it for energy metabolism and healthy brain and nervous system function. Supplementing with thiamine alleviates deficiency and restores nervous system function back to normal, which can soothe and calm your dog or cat, and help him or her better manage stress.

9 mg Colostrum Calming Complex™ Biopeptide Blend: Working synergistically with L-Theanine, the bioactive colostrum proteins in this biopeptide blend support healthy brain function and a normal stress response, and promote relaxation and calm in pets.

8.5 mg L-Theanine: A patented form of a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine supports relaxation and calming without causing drowsiness. L-theanine helps the body make other key amino acids that help pets relax – dopamine, GABA and tryptophan. Studies on L-Theanine have shown reductions in anxiety-related behavior in dogs and increased calm in stressful situations. L-Theanine supports healthy chemical balance in the brain.

Directions for using these calming pet treats:

  • Cats – give one chew daily
  • Dogs – 1 chew daily for dogs up to 50 pounds; 2 chews daily for dogs over 50 pounds

Product can be given daily, or on an as-needed basis. It is safe to double or triple the dose in times of increased stress.

Why try Ageless Paws calming pet treats?

Stressful situations are no fun for you or your pet, and these calming cat and dog treats are a simple and tasty way to help your pet stay calmer through rough times. Chews make it easy to supplement your pet’s diet with nervous system supporting nutrients, and the savory chicken liver flavor will make this cat or dog calming aid seem like a treat! (Just be sure to stick to dosage recommendations above.)

Dr. Sinatra, a physician who is also certified in nutrition, has been developing nutritional formulas for humans for over 2 decades. As a dog and cat lover, Dr. Sinatra understands firsthand the importance of targeted nutritional supplements for our beloved canine and feline companions. Through his research, Dr. Sinatra hand-selected these veterinarian-formulated calming pet treats for dogs and cats because they contain essential vitamins and nutrients to help manage everyday stress and behavioral issues that our 4-legged friends may experience.


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