Ageless Paws 100% chicken breast healthy freeze dried dog and cat treats bag front view
Ageless Paws chicken breast single ingredient freeze dried dog and cat treats bag back label
Ageless Paws 100% chicken breast healthy freeze dried dog and cat treats bag front view
Ageless Paws chicken breast single ingredient freeze dried dog and cat treats bag back label

100% Chicken Breast Treats for Dogs and Cats

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2.0 oz (57g)

Healthy and grain-free, these high-protein 100% chicken breast treats for cats and dogs are made in Connecticut with nothing but all-natural, raw, USA-raised chicken – no fillers or additives. Freeze-drying maintains the chicken’s nutritional integrity and freshness, so you can always have delicious, nutritious goodies on hand to pamper your best furry friends with. Small, bite-sized pieces make them perfect for training!

  • Chicken raised without antibiotics or hormones*
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • No fillers – grain-free and gluten-free
  • Made in the USA
  • No added sugar or salt
  • Freeze dried under the strictest safety standards

Ingredients: Chicken breast

Dr. Sinatra, a physician and certified nutrition specialist and animal lover, believes it is important to choose only the healthiest treats for our beloved dogs and cats. He hand-selected these freeze dried 100% chicken breast treats because they provide the animal nutrition dogs and cats thrive on,  and without any preservatives, fillers, and other unnecessary additives. Made with just one gobble-worthy ingredient, these freeze dried chicken treats are tasty morsels you can feel great about treating your pet to.

* Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

27 reviews for 100% Chicken Breast Treats for Dogs and Cats

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    My kitties love your Ageless Paws treats and I love the fact that they are so nutritional. Thank you for helping me care for my kitties! Everyone should get some because your animals will thank you.

    *Reviewer received a free sample of these freeze dried chicken treats.

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    Wow! My cat practically inhaled these treats! She only has a few teeth left, so I was trying to crumble the treats into smaller pieces, but she wouldn’t let me as she was shoving her face in my hands to get at them. There was not even a tiny crumb left as she licks the floor where the treat was thoroughly.

    *Reviewer received a free sample of these freeze dried chicken treats.

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    Jessica Koehler

    Wow…I just received my free sample. My adorable cat heard me rip the top off, not even opened the seal yet and he is already purring up a storm. I have him trained to give me kisses for a treat and he just kept giving me kisses. Finally I opened it all the way and he just started going back and forth purring and kisses. I gave him one and he loved it, instantly drooling and giving me more kisses. So I gave him a couple more, he is still purring and happy. Thanks for the free trial, I will be buying more.

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    I have to admit I was skeptical about a product that both cats and dogs would equally enjoy. After trying the sample I can honestly say that both our Labrador and domestic shorthair are obsessed. Will definitely make additional purchases.

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    My old girl is picky about everything, so I got a sample in the mail for her try before I buy. She loved it!!! I’m actually shocked. Thank you.

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    christine platt brown

    easy smart treat – my Yorkie Whiskey love them as a topper and for training 🙂

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    Sharon Schjoth (verified owner)

    My little Shiz Tzu loves the chicken breast & turkey hearts.

  8. Avatar

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Our puppy LOVES these. Its a great treat that is good for her.

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    Lisa M. (verified owner)

    Interchangeable between cats and dogs. Great idea!

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    Molly Kuekes

    We absolutely loved these treats! My dog, Eden, went crazy for them. We appreciate that they are single ingredient because we trust she is getting a high quality snack. I highly recommend them! I will definitely be purchasing more.

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    Sharon (verified owner)

    My puppy loves these. We actually went on auto ship so we don’t run out.

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    Dawn B. (verified owner)

    Even though my cats love these treats and I feel good about giving them a healthy source of protein, I was very disappointed when the bag arrived and it was only 1/3 full. For the price they charge, I can go and get 2-3 pounds of chicken breast from the grocery store and cook it myself versus the 2 ounces of freezer dried.

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    Gina Olsen

    These treats are great, my dogs love them. I use them as training treats and I have my pups full attention with these. I love that they are real chicken and they don’t make my hands stinky. We can’t wait to try some other flavors too!

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    As soon as the box arrived in the mail, my Bulldog Jagger, went crazy sniffing the box! I couldn’t open it fast enough! I love that these treats have no fillers, are grain free and only a single ingredient. Jagger loves the taste! I will be ordering more and we are going to try all the other flavors!

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    Theses treats are perfect for dog , she loves them! This is perfect for learning new tricks, and my new puppy loves them too, as well as our kitten. Will be ordering more since all 3 of them love it so much.

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    Marissa Lopina

    My dog loves these treats! Whenever he hears the bag crinkle he comes running!

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    Alexandra M. (verified owner)

    My dogs love them! Such great quality too!

  18. Avatar

    Sharon (verified owner)

    Our dog love these. I love them cause they are all natural.

  19. Avatar

    Lisa M. (verified owner)

    My dog and cats really enjoy all Ageless Paws Treats.

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    Diane Seelbach (verified owner)

  21. Avatar

    Nancy D Brickell (verified owner)

    Princess Patty loves the chicken treats! I also opened the beef treats, and she really liked those, too.Can’t wait to see how she reacts to the other treats, when we get around to them!

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    Erma Horn (verified owner)

    My 10 lb chihauhua comes running when she hears me open the package of the chicken breast bites which she eats one a day. Plus she loved the free samples of Bison Bites and Turkey Heart Slices so I give her one every other day out of one of those two bags. She’s a happy dog!!

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      sbergeron (store manager)

      We love happy dogs!

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    Nancy D Brickell (verified owner)

    My dog loves them!

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    Loretta Ellis (verified owner)

    Loves all treats.

  25. Avatar

    Evelin (verified owner)

    as I don’t have animals myself anymore ( ’cause have too many issues to properly care for them ) so I passed the treats on to the animals of folks who help me in this crazy time….and I want these critters to have healthy treats. From what I hear all of the treats are enjoyed very much.

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    Dennis S. (verified owner)

    The 100% chicken breast is a good bargain and my Boston terrier absolutely love these treats. Will continue to order. Also shipping is super fast.

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    Sharon (verified owner)

    We use to love the product but now all we have been receiving is crumbs.

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