Bottle of Ageless Paws Fresh Breath Bites for Dogs to combat bad dog breath
Fresh Breath Bites
Bottle of Ageless Paws Fresh Breath Bites for Dogs to combat bad dog breath
Fresh Breath Bites

Fresh Breath Bites for Dogs



Doggie kisses are the best, but sometimes our beloved furry friends could use a breath mint before laying one on us! And that’s where Fresh Breath Bites for Dogs come in. It’s a powerful formula  created to reduce toxins and support healthy bacterial balance in the mouth, so you can freshen your dog’s breath from the inside out.

About our formula – active ingredients in each dog breath freshening chew:

Spirulina (100 mg): A blue-green algae, spirulina is known as a superfood because it is jam packed with variety of plant nutrients. Among other important phytochemicals, it contains chlorophyll, which helps to support healthy waste elimination, and has a cleansing, deodorizing effect.

Parsley (70 mg): Humans have used parsley as a natural breath freshener and digestive aid for centuries. So much more than a garnish, parsley also contains numerous plant nutrients, notably antioxidant vitamin C and beta carotene. And, like spirulina, parsley is another great source of detoxifying chlorophyll. It also boasts fiber which helps to cleanse and detoxify the digestive tract.

Champignon Mushroom Extract (Champex™ brand – 30 mg): This powerful, deodorizing mushroom extract helps combat bad dog breath at its source – foul body odors that develop in the intestines.

Yucca schidigera Extract (10 mg): For centuries, native cultures have utilized the yucca plant  for its cleansing properties. The concentrated extract, when added to dogs’ food or supplements, has been shown to reduce the intensity of fecal odor.

Cinnamon Powder (10 mg): Powerful, non-toxic, natural, cinnamon supports a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth.

Why use Fresh Breath Bites for stinky dog breath?

Doggie breath can get pretty stinky at times. Packed with powerful ingredients rich in chlorophyll, which helps to support waste elimination and deodorize, mushroom extract to help support clean intestines, and cinnamon to balance healthy mouth flora, Fresh Breath Bites come to the rescue with their yummy chicken liver flavor. Your dog won’t even suspect you’re slipping him or her a breath saver!

As a cardiologist, certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist with 25 years of experience formulating nutritional supplements for humans, Dr. Sinatra has searched extensively for the best nutritional supports for humans and animals. Through his research, Dr. Sinatra hand-selected these veterinarian-formulated breath freshening chews because they contain many targeted nutritional ingredients that support dogs’ GI tract health- from mouth to tail.


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