Dog Joint Support Chews

Dog Joint Support Chews


Are you currently giving your dog a joint supplement? If so, does it have the right ingredients? If you aren’t yet or have not considered it, now is the time to take a look at the many reasons why a joint renew support supplement is important for both short and long term joint health.

Important ingredients for joint health/support - Glucosamine is commonly given to help protect dogs’ joints as they age to prevent or slow the progression of arthritis. If the joint supplement you are giving to your beloved best friend doesn’t include this vital ingredient, then consider switching. Glucosamine promotes healthy joint function by lubricating within the joints as well as supporting cartilage production.

Beyond glucosamine, I especially like these joint chews because of the amount of MSM, manganese, and DMG they offer. Additionally, they contain green lipped mussel, a natural source of chondritin and precious omega-3 fatty acids, for even more joint support. Grape seed extract and L-glutathione seal the deal for me because of their antioxidant potential.

Over the years, I’ve used many of these ingredients to support the health of my own aging dogs, and instantly noticed skips in their steps. When I came across these joint chews, I gave them to several of my support staff members knowing that they had dogs, and now they swear by them!

Why I brought these to you - As a cardiologist, certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist with 25 years of experience formulating nutritional supplements for humans, I’ve searched extensively for superfoods for humans and animals. And as a dog lover, I truly understand the importance of joint support and high quality joint supplements for dogs - our beloved companions. Through my research, I hand-selected this veterinarian-recommended canine product because it contains many targeted nutritional ingredients that support the musculoskeletal system.

Why should you grab a bag for your dog - These hand-selected Ageless Paws™ Joint Support Chews are recommended for dogs needing advanced joint support. They are chicken liver flavored joint supplements, recommended by veterinarians for dogs with maximum need for joint and connective tissue support, geriatric and working dogs as well as to support normal recovery after orthopedic surgery.

From my heart to yours,

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Feeding Directions:

Initial: (4-6 Weeks)
Up to 30lbs: 1 chew daily
31-60lbs: 2 chews daily
61-100lbs: 4 chews daily
101lbs and over: 5 chews daily

Maintenance: (After initial period)
Up to 30lbs: 1 chew every other day
31-60lbs: 1 chew daily
61-100lbs: 2 chews daily
101lbs and over: 3 chews daily 

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120 count bag 30.69oz (870g)

  • Crafted in the USA
  • Veterinarian-recommended
  • Tasty chicken liver flavor


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